If you intend to take your piano with you on your long distance move, it is most likely a treasured piece of your family possessions. As such, it should be treated with care as you make your transcontinental move. How can you ensure that your piano does not sustain damage during your move across state lines?

Even the lightest piano weighs in at around 400 pounds; it is essential that you follow specific safety protocols so that both you and piano stay damage and injury free during the move. If you haven’t had experience with moving a piano, perhaps it’s time to consider hiring professional movers to do the job for you, as they have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

Don’t mess around, hire professional movers!

Here are some other reasons that professional movers are the best option for your long distance move:

  • They have been professionally trained to move heavy pianos without sustaining an injury or causing damage
  • They have specialized moving tools and equipment, and they know how to use them
  • They know how to secure pianos in moving vehicles for safe transportation

That being said, you can take some precautions before your move to ensure that your piano makes it to your new destination safe and sound.

Prepare your piano for the move

You might want to invest in some heavy blankets and moving tape to secure the outer surface of the piano. Do not attempt to roll your piano even a few inches on the metal casters, as they are not meant for anything other than decoration. Leave the heavy lifting to the movers while you do smaller tasks such as cleaning out the piano bench, closing the lid and securing the outside in preparation for transport.

Mind walls and other furniture on both ends of your move.

Part of moving a piano is paying attention to your surroundings when doing so. If you are running into walls, furniture, and other people, there are bound to be injuries and damages sustained that are not necessary if a little care and strategy are applied. In this case, having professional movers to do the navigating for you will allow you to rest easy, knowing that damage to people, property, and the piano itself will be minimized.

Secure it in the moving vehicle

The safest place for a piano during transport is deep inside the truck, surrounded by other furniture that can support its weight as needed. As such, it should still be secured to the walls and floor of the moving vehicle with heavy furniture straps to keep it in place as much as possible, and it should be surrounded by soft items such as pillows, blankets, and other absorbent items to protect the outer surface of the instrument.

Have a place at your new location prepared and ready to go

Congratulations! You made it across state lines, and now it’s time to lay your piano in its new resting place. Have you made accommodations for your instrument? Is your new home large enough to house your piano? Can you get it through the door, and is there a clear pathway to the room it will be in? All these questions must be asked and answered to minimize issues upon arrival; setting up your piano at your new location should be fun and exciting, not filled with hassles and hazards. Do what you can to troubleshoot before you get there, and even your movers will thank you.

When it comes to moving anything, planning and preparation are key elements in making sure a move is successful. Do some planning, call those movers, and start packing! Moving day is coming fast!

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