Have you noticed that every time you relocate, you always find yourself going back and forth to the store because you forgot to pick something up? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think and it’s frustrating as it can bring the packing process to a standstill. One item that is always in demand when you’re preparing for a move is boxes. Not only is it tough to find any of these to fit all your belongings, but they also are not cheap.

You can expect expenses to pile up when you’re moving from Denver to anywhere in the United States so any dollar saved will work in your best interest. One way you can cut costs is by getting boxes for free rather than purchasing brand new ones. If that sounds like a good idea, here are some places that you can visit to get boxes at no extra cost!

1) Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are the first places that you should go to if you are searching for free boxes. Grocery stores receive all kinds of items each day, and these are packed in cardboard boxes. And since grocery stores do not reuse cardboard boxes, they will usually break these down and send them over to a nearby recycling center. Store proprietors typically give these away to people asking for them. It is strongly recommended, though, that you get to the store early so that you can get the boxes before they are broken down.

The items grocery stores receive come in boxes that are great for packing.

2) Liquor Stores

Much like the entry above, another place that gets a lot of cardboard boxes are liquor stores. You may even be better off asking for boxes from liquor stores, as these are better in quality compared to those from the grocery store. This is because boxes that carry liquor bottles have to be sturdier to hold up all that weight, making them ideal for your heftier belongings.

Liquor store boxes are sturdy and great for carrying heavier items like books.

3) Local Restaurants

If you still need more boxes, you can also try visiting restaurants in Denver and ask if they can give you some. Restaurants get some of their supplies shipped to them in large cardboard boxes. Also, most restaurants purchase ingredients and other items in bulk so chances are, they’ll have some ideal sized boxes that owners will be all too happy to dispose of.

Boxes from restaurants are an ideal size for larger household goods.

4) Schools

Stop by a local school and visit the administrative office so you can ask if they have any cardboard boxes lying around that you can take off their hands. Schools order supplies and books in huge quantities, and these are transported to them in big boxes. Schools have no use for the boxes once the items are unloaded so we’re pretty sure they’ll be happy to give you some.

Much like restaurants, schools also get their supplies in bulk.

5) Recycling Center

Another surefire way to cop some boxes is by visiting your local recycling center. There, you’ll likely find a lot of cardboard boxes that have not been processed yet. Best of all, materials there should be properly segregated so you’ll have no trouble locating boxes. Just take note to talk to the person in charge to make sure you’re not breaking any rules or policies in asking for these.

Despite the term, recycling centers will be able to give boxes that are still of quality.

6) Shopping Centers

Much like grocery stores, shopping centers often get loads of items. Once the items are taken out, retailers have no use for these boxes so they’ll be glad to be rid of these. Remember, retailers, get various items shipped to them ranging from books to clothes and everything in between. If proprietors don’t find ways to dispose of the boxes, they can pile up quickly and eat up precious space in the storeroom. Talk to the store manager and see if he or she would be willing to give you some used boxes.

Your local retail stores may have boxes they are happy to part with.

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