So for some reason you’ve decided to move to Denver. Maybe it’s because of work or you simply want a change in lifestyle. Whatever the reason, you’re moving from the Big Apple and want to know what’s in store for you out West. The Mile High City is a lot different from New York, and there are a few things that might take some time getting used to. Here are 6 things you’ll want to know about Denver compared to New York.

1. It’s Close To Nature

The most obvious difference between Denver and New York is the pace. New York deserves every bit of its nickname given by Frank Sinatra: The City That Never Sleeps. Because as a fact, there’s always something going on in some parts of New York, and the only way to get some real quiet is if you settle into the suburbs outside of the city proper.

Denver on the other hand has a laid-back lifestyle compared to the Big Apple. But that’s not to say that no one goes out in Denver, it does have its nightlife but nothing compared to the shining shimmering lights of New York. What Denver leans more into is an active lifestyle. Even though Denver is very much a metropolitan city, access to the wilderness is so much easier than in New York.  Hiking, cycling, rock climbing, camping that sort of thing is commonplace in Denver which is not very surprising considering it’s in the state of Colorado and the fact that places like Boulder are just a stone’s throw away by car.

2. It’s Not The North Pole

Contrary to popular belief of those who don’t live in the area, not everything in Colorado is completely covered in snow all year round. Of course, it does snow in Denver where the average snowfall is about 60 inches. That seems a lot compared to New York’s 25-inch average, but since Colorado does have many skiing getaways, all that snow is very much welcomed by the residents.

The thing about Denver is that if the weather is extreme but not as humid as New York, meaning that the summers are not muggy and the winters aren’t biting cold. One thing that Denver does have an excessive amount of is sun and it can get pretty intense in the summer days, so if you’re not used to sun rays then you’ll want to keep sunscreen within reach at all times.

3. You May Need A Car

One thing you’ll probably miss a lot from New York is the public transit system. The subways and buses are such a staple feature of the city that it’s practically become a tourist attraction itself with foreigners wanting to experience getting lost in the weaving subway lines.

Denver does have train lines and bus routes, but not as comprehensive as New York so getting around the city can be a bit complicated if there’s no route close to where you’re heading to. Of course, ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber are options as well and nothing of an attraction as a yellow New York City cab.

Riding a bike is a great way to get around as well when it’s not snowing, and considering it rarely ever rains in Denver compared to New York, it’s always great weather to go biking. But for the most part, most Denver residents prefer having their car to get around, although the number of residents without a car is steadily increasing if the places you need to go to regularly don’t have accessible public transit that it could be a problem if you don’t own one.

Navigating Denver is more complicated than New York with its buses and subways.

4. It’s Easy to Make Friends

Residents in Denver are very friendly, it’s exaggerated about how tough and mean New Yorkers can be but the truth is that living in the Big Apple requires a certain level of energy, commitment, and tolerance. Some residents of New York would also agree that living in the city can be a bit depressing if you don’t want to be there for work, studies, or some other reason.

Denver is kind of a city of transplants, where New York is a true melting pot of cultures. The Mile High City is steadily growing because of the many residents coming in from places like New York, California, Florida, and the Midwest. And because most don’t really have roots there, and more importantly most chose to move to Denver rather than out of an obligation for work or other matters, they are very friendly and welcoming.

Another possible factor is that Denver isn’t as densely packed as New York, so with the laid-back lifestyle and host of outdoor activities, you can breathe easier in every sense of the word. That makes for residents who are less stressed, frustrated, and more warm and friendly with newbies.

5. It’s Cheaper But Not Much

Of course, a very obvious difference between the two metropolitan cities is that the cost of living in Denver is lower than New York standards. Although it may be a point of debate if you ask someone who isn’t coming from coastal cities like New York or San Francisco. The housing costs of Denver have skyrocketed over the years because of the incredible growth in its population.

Again, considering that Denver is a metropolitan city, some costs go with that, but if you’re used to the expenses of New York day in and day out, you’ll feel like you’re getting a whole lot more for the money you spend making it seem like a lot more value per buck. This is true if you’re considering buying a house and settling in Denver for the long run.

The rental market is a completely different matter. If you have the means as a working professional, finding a place is as easy as walking into a leasing office. Unfortunately, the trend of high-income rentals is causing an issue in Denver for affordable housing.

6. It’s Not So Hard To Relocate

Moving to Denver from New York is kind of expensive, but if you take into consideration that you’re moving all your stuff well over a thousand miles across multiple state lines it kind of makes sense in the end. Luckily, there are a lot of options for you to choose from with many moving companies based in New York offering long-distance and interstate moving services like Allied Van Lines or Mayflower Transit.

Alternatively, you can pick the hybrid move route, which is becoming more popular lately due to the affordability and flexibility it gives you. You have options such as U-Haul and PODS as well as truck rentals like Penske that offer great deals on vehicles, trucks, and trailers of various sizes to meet your needs and budget. Pretty much any reputable mover will help you every step of the way, most also offer moving plans or even a concierge dedicated to assisting you so you can always stay on top of the entire moving process.

It may seem difficult to move from New York to Denver but…it actually isn’t.

Moving to Denver from New York is a major undertaking, there’s no point in sugar-coating that fact. But many of those that have already taken the leap will tell you that it was a great decision on their part to make. It’s an entirely different world in Denver but one that can refresh and relieve you from the stress and pressure of the City That Never Sleeps.

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