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The Crossroads Theater is a 100-seat venue located in the historic Five Points neighborhood and the corner of Welton and Washington Streets. Crossroads is a local favorite and ideal for poetry, music, theater, film, dance, visual art, storytelling, lectures and community meetings. Convient for your audience with free covered parking and steps from light rail.

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Production Information

Crossroads Theater is a modern facility perfect for any number of uses, performing arts, teaching facility, business presentations.  The Theater opened in May of 2007 and is located in the heart of the historic Five Points Business District just blocks from downtown.  The Theater is very convenient to light rail and has covered and secured parking for patrons Architects with Studio Completiva worked with the Crossroads staff in designing a theater that’s friendly to both audience member and performer.   Sound engineers working with the architect created some of the best acoustics in Denver.  A large lobby, also in use as an art gallery features a snack bar and two modern restrooms.  The Theater itself has a capacity of 120, currently there are 89 comfortable fixed seats and 13 movable seats for a total of 102  The stage is 22 feet by 20 ft with back stage areas to both sides.  There is a dressing room with mirrors and a restroom off stage right and a rear stage entrance off stage left.  A modern 24 channel ETC lighting system along with a Unistrut grid system provides full theatrical lighting for the theater.  A 16 channel Mackie sound board coupled with Mackie   speakers, microphones, and a monitor system provides sound.  A video projector which easily connects with both PC and Mac laptops allows video and PowerPoint presentations.

  • 102 seats - 89 fixed
  • Stage Dimensions: 21 wide x 26 deep

Soft Goods

  • Backdrop – movable
  • 10 ft “leg” to block sight lines for backstage right area
  • 4 ft leg hung on unistrut swivel downstage left entrance
  • 10 ft curtain along stage right wall
  • additional black curtain available
    Note:  No House Curtain

Lighting Equipment

  • 24 channel ETC Sensor dimmer pack/ 2.4k per channel
  • dmx cable
  • ETC SmartFade 1248 Control board
  • standard 3 pin stage connectors
  • hardwired power distribution system
  • 8- 6 channel receptacles
  • unitstrut lighting grid throughout theater
  • 8- 500watt fresnels
  • 6- 24degree Source Four ellipsoidals
  • 2 - 36 degree Source Four
  • 10- 6x9
  • 8 mini altmans
  • 2 strobe lights

Crossroads has a hard wired distribution system with a unistrut grid with 8- 6 channel boxes distributed across the grid. The system uses standard 3 stagepins

Lighting Instruments

  • 6- 6" Fresnels, 500watts, standard c clamps
  • 8- 750 watt Altman Elips, small clamps
  • 6- 750 watt Source 4 Elips
  • (2 - 36 degrees)
  • 3 - 1000watt Altman ellipsoidals
  • 8- mini altmans
  • 7 - small parcans, edisons
  • Dimmer and Board
  • Etc. Board  & 24 Etc. Channel Dimmer

Lighting Cable and related
(variety of short three pin cables, edison to three pin adapters and edison cable)

  • 2 - 30' (?) 6 channel multi cables
  • 2- 5' - 3pin break out male (for use with multi cables)
  • 2- 5' - 3pin break out female
  • 12 - 3pin to edison male (to connect multis to dimmers)
  • 60" lighting cable
  • 10' lighting cable w/ female Edison
  • 10' lighting cable w/ male Edison
  • unknown number of cables , different lengths, 3pin
  • 3pin to 4 way edison break out with c clamp
  • 3 pin to 2 way edison breakout
  • 5- 3pin splitters
  • 1 3pin to edison splitte
  • 4 Edison multi strip
  • male 3pin to female Edison
  • 30" 3pin cable

Mackie sound board & Speakers

  • 16 channel board - Mackie 1604 VLZ3 Premium Mic/ Line mixer
  • 4 self powered speakers – Mackie
  • American Audio double cd deck w/ crossfade capability
  • cable ready for laptops or Ipod devices
  • 8 channel snake from booth to SR backstage area
  • 2 microphones
  • 1 boom style mike stand
  • 1 straight mike stand
  • variety of mike cable

Other Equipment

  • Projector and Screen suitable for dvd, power point, etc.
  • Lobby monitor for directions or information

Other (misc)

  • Booking agreements for shows booked in the Theater prior to date of bill of sale
  • 3 - 8 ft ladders
  • 1 - 5ft ladder


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